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Online Flappy Bird – Mouse Version

Today, if you are looking for the hottest games online then online flappy bird is perhaps the best choice. When it was launched by a Vietnamese developer named Dong Nguyen, it was relatively unpopular bird-flying game. Today, Flappy Bird is one of the most addictive and challenging game online and phone users.

Flappy Bird was released on May 2013 and has surprisingly climbed as one of the most popular games today. As a matter of fact, it has climbed in Google and Apple store’s number 1 spot. This is an in-demand game today.

The popularity of Flappy Bird started when the users of this game exchanged their funny tweets about this online. Aside from its popularity obtained from twitter world, YouTube clips and reviews both in Google and iTunes has helped on boosting the image of Flappy Bird. From these avenues, people got interested and curious about this game

Nguyen said during his interview with the Chocolate Lab Apps that the popularity of the said game is his luck. This may be true for the reason that the game is just too simple as compared to other online games out there. Flappy Bird only uses a very simple graphics. As a matter of fact, it will not require any complicated controls. It will not require high applications or requirements from the computer of phone or tablets

The popularity of Flappy Bird has also the start wherein to other games designed by Nguyen such as Shukiren Block and Ball Juggling. These games have also gained popularity among game enthusiasts.

Flappy Bird Online is very easy, all you need is to open your computer and connect to the internet and visit the http://onlineflappybird.com/ for you to play the game. No need for you to download as this is just purely a flash game. Play Flappy Bird on pc is an excellent option for you to enjoy the game significantly. Moreover, you can also find other interesting games on this website as well.

Play Flappy Bird on computer is easy because it only require the space bar tab for you to play the game. The developer of the game also promised that the Windows 8 Phone version will be released in coming weeks.

The main goal of Flappy Bird is to allow the bird to fly by tapping screen. Additionally, the player should make sure that the bird doesn’t hit the pipes as well as other obstacles. Once you pass the pipe, you can get 1 point. However, many people criticized Flappy Bird this is because passing the game is quite difficult. This will certainly test your patience when playing the game. Flappy Bird has the same interface like the Super Mario Brothers. Playing Flappy Bird is a nice way on how you can test your patience. If you don’t have enough patience, then better find other games because Flappy Bird will surely test your patience.

In conclusion, Flappy Bird is a challenging game. Hence, if you love challenges then Flappy Bird is indeed the best choice.

How to Play Online Flappy Bird

– Use your mouse to interact.

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