The game all of your friends have a love hate relationship with; flappy bird online. The premise is simple, get the bird through the pipes without hitting the pipes, the game however is not so simple. Timing has never been so important as to whenever it comes to getting your bird through these pipes. My high score you may ask? two. If you think you can do better try it.

The game is strangely addicting as you yell at your screen just wanting your flappy bird to make it through the pipes so you can outdo your friends; like a modern age “Helicopter” but twice as difficult. You have your finger trained to one button, and you must hit that button at the right time, with the right rhythm to make it through — if you do not, flappy bird will flop to the ground and you were have to start the game all over again.

Building off inspiration from old platformers, the game itself has a great layout and graphics that will keep you wanting to play again and again. One of the best parts in dealing with online flappy bird is the fact that it is a simple game to pick up and put down, you can play at any time of the day, and you will always have free flappy bird online. With the simple game mechanics there is not a learning curve, aside from how effective each bump of the button is to making your bird fly, and how overdoing it will cause you to crash and burn, as your poor bird flops to the ground to flap no more. Whenever it comes time to play flappy bird online, just be ready to feel some anger towards your bird touching the pipes, and a sense of achievement as you beat your high score. You will enjoy your time with flappy bird, with its infinite replay ability and strangely addictive nature that will have you wanting to play not just out of boredom, you will get an itch to play this game throughout the day, and it is available online free.

If you have been looking for flappy bird online to play, you have found it; one of the best ports of this game and easily accessible so it will not eat up your phone batter, free flappy bird online can be found here, let us know your high school, maybe I will get past two.

How to Play Flappy Bird Online

– Press SPACE BAR to start game.
– Continue to press space bar to make the bird flying.
– Press SPACE BAR to play again


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  1. this fun game is hard but the most addictive funnn game idc if it hard idc i luv it post ur high score in imposible and normal!!! p.s if u luv it say idc iluvit sing if u know the lyrics

  2. addicting normal aint easier than impossible better on touchscreen not laptop but not bout to get my iphone 5s out right now and this game k

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